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Kalesi window factory has developed passive windows with highly efficient thermal and acoustic insulation properties. For timber pest and mould prevention, as well as for better adhesion of the finishing paint to the timber and prevention of paint cracking, we use a range of water-based impregnation and paint products with the highest elasticity level manufactured by the German company Remmers. Each window is also equipped with a compensation gasket that improves window heat and sound insulation properties.

Kalesi windows - to ensure better stability and weatherproof properties, we use top-quality materials. Choosing not to use such materials and using lower-quality alternatives instead allows window manufacturers to save money but their customers end up experiencing window durability problems and paying larger heating bills. A customer might also be forced to start considering window replacement in just a few years’ time.

30-Mar-2017 KALESI window
factory closed down!

KALESI window factory closed
down on March 30, 2017...

30-Jun-2014 KALESI brand name has been modified!
We modified KALESI brand name design and last letter. New KALESI brand name is mono-c..

16-May-2012 KALESI registrated in England
In April 2012 Kalesi was registrated as Kalesi WINDOWS LTD in England. E..